Some games, filters, and other things looking for innovation.


Have fun falling from the greatest heights and eating fish biscuits with this cute kitten.

The Last Cuckoo

A careless little bird that runs along the power lines eating worms, how far will it go?


Learn about the fauna and flora of the Panamanian tropics with this card game.

Barro Colorado Island Adventure

Discover countless missions on Barro Colorado Island with this fascinating adventure game.


Tour the Caribbean, Pacific and Prehistoric Oceans. In search of the incredible Megalodon:


Meet with Tito all the forests, and much of the fauna and flora of the Panamanian biodiversity.

Agua Salud

You dare to create a sustainable land area. Learn about the values ​​of the land and its reward methods with this fun but interesting game.


Run away from hypoxia and learn what it is all about and how it should be with this game.


3D Modeling and animation with a fusion of creativity and storytelling for an NFTs collection.

3D Scans

Technology for scans ancient fossils for scientific research.

Hazle Crunch

Game filter for CRUNCH Latin America, accompanying the new chocolate campaign in a fun way.

¿Que tan More eres?

Fun filter for Condoms More. That reveals your darkest secrets.