Some games, filters, and other things looking for innovation.


Tour the Caribbean, Pacific and Prehistoric Oceans. In search of the incredible Megalodon:


Meet with Tito all the forests, and much of the fauna and flora of the Panamanian biodiversity.

Agua Salud

You dare to create a sustainable land area. Learn about the values ​​of the land and its reward methods with this fun but interesting game.

  • Work in Progress...


Run away from hypoxia and learn what it is all about and how it should be with this game.

  • Work in Progress...


Have fun falling from the greatest heights and eating fish biscuits with this cute kitten.

The Last Cuckoo

A careless little bird that runs along the power lines eating worms, how far will it go?

Hazle Crunch

Game filter for CRUNCH Latin America, accompanying the new chocolate campaign in a fun way.

¿Que tan More eres?

Fun filter for Condoms More. That reveals your darkest secrets.